Research Area / Fields

  1. Epigenetic regulation of gene expression.
  2. Virulence.
  3. Parasitology.
  4. DNA methylation by tRNA modifications.
  5. Metabolism by redox-regulation.

Short Bio

Prof. Serge Ankri is the head of Emerging Parasites Research Laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine, Technion. He obtained his PhD at the Faculty of Paris 11, France. Following Postdoctoral research in the Dept. of Biological Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Research, Israel, he moved in 2000 at the Technion to establish his own lab. He has published over 60 papers covering various aspects of his research on the deadly parasite Entamoeba histolytica. His group is specifically interested in understanding the role of epigenetic processes in controlling the virulence of the parasite and its adaptation to environmental stresses. Recently, his group has identified molecules produced by the gut microbiota that controls the parasite’s virulence and resistance to stresses. He is also very interested by redox-regulation occurring in the parasite.

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Dr. Gal Gur
Director of Business Development, Life Sciences