Research Area / Fields

  1. Mechanism of salt rejection in membrane desalination.
  2. Membrane modification.
  3. Fouling, biofouling and bacterial deposition.
  4. “Next generation” membranes.
  5. Biomimetic membranes and microfluidics.
  6. Novel mosaic NF membranes for water recycling.
  7. Membranes for fuel cells.

Short Bio

Viatcheslav (Slava) Freger is presently an associate professor and the Head of the Laboratory for Water and Membrane Technology at the Wolfson Department of Chemical Engineering of Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He also serves as Coordinator of Graduate Studies of the Grand Technion Energy Program (GTEP). Before joining Technion, from 2002 to 2011, he served as a faculty at the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research of Ben-Gurion University.

Freger’s group focuses on membrane science and technology, covering both fundamental and applied aspects. The main research themes include transport and thermodynamics of ions and small molecules in desalination and fuel cell membranes and in polymers in general, advanced characterization of membranes, modification of polymers for improved performance, development of novel types of composite membranes based on biomimetics and nanomaterials, and interfacial, fouling and particle deposition phenomena on surfaces and membranes.

Prof. Freger has published more than 80 book chapters and research articles in peer reviewed journals and filed several patents. His group currently includes 2 senior researchers and 6 graduate students. 10 graduate students received PhD and 11 students received MSc under his supervision.

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