A novel graded-stiffness device for optimal foot ulcer treatment and prevention

Prof. Alon Wolf | Mechanical Engineering


Medical Devices

The Technology

A foot support device or structure with a pressure relief zone for the treatment of foot conditions, designed to reduce local stresses and distribute pressure optimally, based on a finite-element (FE) analysis, which is a powerful tool that allows evaluation of internal tissue loads.

Diabetic foot ulceration is among the most common, serious, and destructive complications of diabetes worldwide. Studies have shown that focal pressure and repetitive normal and shear stresses at a given locations (such as during gait) are the causative factors in the development of foot ulceration. Therefore, optimal offloading of the foot ulcer locations, while minimizing loads redistributed to peripheral tissues, is an essential component in preventing and treating foot ulcers. Existing offloading hole support devices are often designed such that, the size, location and shape of the offloading hole is subjectively based on visual indication and experience of the therapist, and no scientific guidelines for optimal objective design of the offloading hole have been established.


  • Customized, personalized footwear
  • Modular solution

Applications and Opportunities

  • Foot ulcer treatment
  • Neuropathic osteopathy (e.g. diabetic foot syndrome)
  • Plantar fasciitis pain relief
  • Achilles tendonitis pain relief
  • Custom-made orthopedic footwear
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