Capture of Corona virus in shared spaces

Prof. Ofer Manor | Chemical Engineering


COVID-19 | Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

Filtration systems are using as open structure as possible to allow flow to be as free as possible. Sometimes, the openings are too wide for small particles including bio-based particles and other pollutants such as dust, particles originating from combustion fuels and others. This is true also for Corona carrying droplets.
Combination of acoustic and flow waves which act to gather particles for better entrapment can be used to increase the efficiency of filtration and capture of viruses and other pollutants.


  • No effect on air flux
  • Reusable filters

Applications and Opportunities

  • Filtration systems for shared spaces such as hospitals, workplaces, schools, waiting rooms
  • Stationary or portable air disinfecting systems


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