Piezoelectric nano fibers of lead zirconium titanate (pzt)

Prof. Gideon S. Grader | Chemical Engineering


Chemistry and Materials | Sustainability and Energy

The Technology

Piezoelectric materials are being used to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. Piezoceramic is commonly used in these applications due to its high dielectric constant, high coupling efficient, large remnant polarization and fast response. Piezoceramic nanofibers have advantage of excellent flexibility and improved strength over bulk and films as fillers in composite materials. Electrospinning enables continuous fiber production, which are easier to collet in aligned mode. Precursor preparation via sol-gel enables efficient control over the sensitive stoichiometric ratio of the material.


  • Good control over materials properties
  • Continuous production
  • Ease of post processing

Applications and Opportunities

  • Energy harvesting
  • Sensors
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