Image editing using level set trees

Prof. Ron Kimmel | Computer Science


Information and Computer Science

The Technology

Level set methods are commonly used in image processing, computer graphics and computational geometry. Various image editing algorithms for image segmentation, matting, denoising, colorization, etc. are based on computing image-aware geodesic distances. These distances may be computed in the image domain and approximated using known method. The developed technology is a method comprising: mapping an image onto multiple level sets connected by multiple branches, where each level sets corresponds to a predefined range of values for an attribute of image; associating multiple pixels of image to multiple level sets in accordance with the value of each pixel; identifying a source level set associated with a source pixel of multiple pixels; for each of multiple pixels, determining that a distance between source pixel and one of multiple pixels is within a predefined threshold, where distance is calculated as a function of a first distance between source level set and level set associated with one of said multiple pixels; the determined distance is applied to an image processing application to produce a processed image, and the processed image is rendered on a rendering medium.


  • Reduced complexity, reduced computational workload

Applications and Opportunities

  • image processing, computer graphics, computational geometry. image segmentation, matting, denoising, colorization, etc.
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