Integrated graphene/silicon multispectral sensors

Dr. Ilya Goykhman | Electrical and Computer Engineering


Automation, Mobility and Aerospace | Chemistry and Materials | Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

Multispectral photo-detection and imaging systems, that collect data at different spectral bands, are of major significance in spectroscopy, sensing, food identification, optical communication, environmental monitoring, defense and security. Today, solid-state quantum detectors rely on a range of materials and/or technologies while each of them optimized for a precise spectral range.

This technology offers a novel graphene-Si hybrid platform for multi-spectral (Vis-to-IR) photodetection at room temperature towards multi-spectral imaging arrays monolithically integrated with CMOS read-out circuitry.


  • Novel competing technology of broadband multispectral detectors based on Si
  • Room temperature operation
  • Long wavelength detection

Applications and Opportunities

  • multi-spectral photo-detection in the fields of:
  • Military equipment
  • Security equipment
  • Autonomous cars
  • Environmental monitoring
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Shikma Litmanovitz
Director of Business Development, Physical Science