Microstructure control of ceramic matrix nanocomposites

Prof. Wayne D. Kaplan | Materials Science and Engineering


Automation, Mobility and Aerospace | Chemistry and Materials

The Technology

Ceramic matrix nanocomposites have interesting advantages over their monolithic counterparts. These composites are based on a micron-sized ceramic matrix reinforced with metal or ceramic sub-micron or nanometer-sized particles as a second phase. One of the main goals of reinforcing the ceramic matrix with particles of a second phase is to improve the mechanical properties. Nanocomposites have also been shown to demonstrate improved resistance to severe wear.

The influence of metallic Ni or NiAl2O4 as a reinforcing particle on grain growth and wear resistance in alumina matrix composites was shown. Adding particles of Ni or NiAl2O4 limited grain growth during processing  and resulted in an increased wear resistance compared to monolithic alumina.


  • Enhanced mechanical properties, mainly wear resistance.

Applications and Opportunities

  • Cutting, milling and grinding tools
  • Break-pads for cars
  • Bearings
  • Capillaries for wire-bonding
  • Ballistic armor
  • Wear resistant fittings for abrasive liquids
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