Ammonium removal by Ion exchange and bioregeneration

Prof. Michal Green | Civil and Environmental Engineering


Sustainability and Energy

The Technology

The partial nitritation and anammox (PN/A) process has gained in popularity for the treatment of wastewater due to significant energy and costs savings. While PN/A is a proven technology for municipal wastewater (MWW) side stream (sludge) treatment, the technology has not been effectively applied to MWW main-stream, mainly due to low ammonium concentration, lower temperature and high concentration of organic matter.
Ion Exchange (IX) can be used to isolate ammonium from MWW main stream. The IX column is further biregenerated using PN/A while transforming ammonium into nitrogen gas and allowing for almost endless recycling of the brine used for desorption of the ammonium from the ion exchange resin.


  • In comparison to the classical technology for ammonium removal from MWW (nitrification followed by denitrification) the proposed technology which is based on ion exchange and bio-regeneration using partial nitrification and anammox bacteria, reduces energetic requirements and eliminate the need for external electron source for denitrification and produces less greenhouse gases.

Applications and Opportunities

  • Removal of ammonium from mainstream municipal wastewater.
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