Non-physical detection of breathing pattern and body heat by thermal imaging



Information and Computer Science | Medical Devices

The Technology

Throughout the years, the use of thermal imaging in different medical procedures has been growing. Applications includes fever detection, breast and skin cancer detection and estimating peripheral perfusion. Thanks to various technological advances and relatively low production costs, visible light and thermal cameras are inexpensive and quite available on the market. However, the capacity and performance of these are still low compared to military equipment due to regulatory and price restrictions. In our laboratory we have developed a system that can check respiratory rate and body temperature in all possible lighting conditions. Such a system could enable, among other applications, the diagnosis of medical conditions including those related to the respiratory system (in infants and adults).

We combine images taken using basic and low cost off-the-shelf thermal and visible light cameras with deep learning techniques to quantify and monitor respiration and body temperature. We are thus able to measure body temperature at resolution of 150mk as well as several respiration attributes, such as frequency and amplitude.


  • Based on low-cost, off-the-shelf cameras
  • Remote (no-contact) breathing monitoring
  • Accurate remote (no-contact) temperature monitoring

Applications & Opportunities

  • Pandemic control and monitoring devices
  • Hospital at home
  • Remote ICU
  • Infant monitoring
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