Novel disposable patch for insertion & fixation of an intravenous device



Medical Devices

The Technology

The procedure for venous blood sampling and IV administration of drugs and fluids is performed daily in millions of patients, neonates-to-elderly, worldwide. Nevertheless, there is a high failure rate of introducing the IV device; 28% in adults and up to 54% in children. The novel idea is a designed and patented patch (“EZinfuse”) which includes a slot which is placed along a blood vessel to be injected or accessed, thus demarking the blood vessel and preventing its lateral sliding. An integral part of EZinfuse are two sequential adhesive patches which protect and secure the IV catheter to the skin. The EZinfuse also functions as novel IV dressing patch, offering a 360-degree protection of the Venflon.



  • Easy to use, clear demarcation of blood vessel
  • Stabilizes blood vessels (prevents the lateral sliding of the vessel)
  • Can be used for self-placing of Venflon
  • Patented


Applications and Opportunities

  • IV catheter insertion (for blood sampling/injections)
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