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Loss of muscle mass occurs naturally with aging and in many human diseases (e.g. cancer, diabetes, renal failure, motor-neuron diseases, AIDS, neurodegenerative diseases). It is considered to be the major immediate cause of death in many patients with cancer, and in the aged is largely responsible for the weight loss, frailty, disability and death. Although preservation of muscle mass can promote health, improve quality of life, and prolong survival, to date there are no effective therapies for muscle wasting.
Myostatin is an autocrine inhibitor of normal muscle growth. The blood levels of myostatin rise in the aged population, and inhibition of its function in mouse models and in human is sufficient to ameliorate loss of muscle and strength. At present, myostatin inhibition is the most promising strategy to combat systemic atrophy. However, therapeutic trials in this area involve major challenges for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Existing nutrition solutions (e.g. Ensure, Fortimel, GymBeam, Bodybio, HMB) also fail to effectively combat muscle wasting.
The novel technology is a nutrition supplement that targets specifically myostatin signalling to prevent or treat muscle wasting by screening atrophy reporter muscle cell line. Nutrients are selected based on their ability to inhibit myostatin signaling in muscle, eliminating the challenge of identifying the optimal therapeutic target.


  • Preservation of muscle mass and body weight
  • Natural nutrients to formulate a nutrient-based supplement


  • Nutrient-based supplement for muscle atrophy, cancer and others
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