Optimization of 3D printed high strength aluminum alloys

Prof. Shmuel Osovsky | Mechanical Engineering


Automation, Mobility and Aerospace | Chemistry and Materials

The Technology

Aluminum alloys are light weight, corrosion resistant and have high strength per weight ratio. These properties make them valuable to many industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical devices.
3D printing of aluminum alloys is highly important to the above industries however, no compromise can be made in terms of material strength and other properties. The alloys microstructure is different between traditional manufacturing processes and 3D printing. Therefore, understanding the unique microstructure of alloys developing during 3D printing and its’ effect on material properties is crucial.
Combining experiments and simulations allows choosing the optimum 3D printing parameters per alloy and required properties.


  • Reducing manufacturing cost
  • Design of material per required properties

Applications and Opportunities

  • Alloys for aerospace and automotive
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