REAL – Regulated Engagement Adaptive Learning

Prof. Ido Roll | Education in Science and Technology
Dr. Ofra Amir | Industrial Engineering and Management


Information and Computer Science

The Technology

REAL, Regulated Engagement Adaptive Learning, is an AI-driven solution that integrates with existing learning management systems to (i) facilitate communication across teachers, students, and groups, (ii) deliver real time analytics (via dashboards and reports), and (iii) provide adaptive support for learning processes (via intelligent feedback and recommendations).

REAL integrates AI across a variety of activities and modalities throughout the learning process, at the individual, group, and classroom levels. The result is a streamlined experience in which students practice 21st century skills and teachers can monitor learning in a distributed environment.


  • Provides intelligent support for student learning
  • Analyzing non-linear learning processes
  • Analysis and support of group work
  • Awareness tools for teachers

Applications and Opportunities

  • Online learning platforms with innovative technological tools that support both students and teachers
  • The system is an add-on to popular platforms
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Oz Mahlebani
Business Development Manager, Engineering