Recycling of caesarstone production waste

Prof. Konstantin Kovler | Civil and Environmental Engineering


Chemistry and Materials | Sustainability and Energy

The Technology

Caesarstone products are mostly made from natural quartz aggregates with organic pigments and enhanced polymer resins. They provide a surface with exceptional properties of heat, stain, scratch and chip resistance.

At the same time, the manufacture of Caesarstone products generates a big amount of waste. This waste cannot be avoided in the technological process implemented in the Caesarstone plants. The waste represents highly diluted water slurry (HDWS) and is considered hazardous waste.

A process is proposed to recycle the high value Quartz in an environmentally friendly process – low energy requirement, high yield and no hazardous waste.


  • Environmentally friendly process yielding high value quartz for re-use for Caesarstone manufacturing and other products

Applications and Opportunities

  • Caesarstone waste treatment
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