Thermoacoustic pump

Prof. Yehuda Agnon | Civil and Environmental Engineering
Prof. Guy Ramon | Civil and Environmental Engineering


Food and Agriculture | Sustainability and Energy

The Technology

Agricultural fields or remote communities, located where no regular power supply is available, must rely on manual labor, generators or photovoltaic panels to power pumping equipment. This type of equipment can be expensive to purchase and maintain, and also prone to theft.
The invention is intended to be used as an autonomous, optionally underground water pump, running solely on thermal energy, where no grid power is available, and contains almost no moving parts, making it cheap and highly reliable.


  • Cheap to fabricate and maintain
  • Off-grid
  • High reliability
  • Clean energy
  • High yield
  • Small footprint – fits all well sizes

Applications and Opportunities

  • Water pumping
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Business Development Manager, Engineering