Coded aperture ultrasound detector

Prof. Amir Rosenthal | Electrical and Computer Engineering


Medical Devices

The Technology

Optoacoustic tomography (OAT) offers the unique capability to image optical contrast deep in the tissue. While OAT can produce very detailed images of blood vessels and lipid deposition, making it a potential solution to many clinical challenges, it requires 1000’s of signals to produce high-quality 3D images. Developing a hand-held solution, similar to what one may find in the world of ultrasound, one must either limit the imaging to 2D or compromise on the image quality as ultrasound arrays for 3D imaging involves a series of limitations the hinder high-quality imaging.

A mask with coded apertures scanned in front of the detector. The data obtained from all the mask positions is then used in a real-time algorithm to effectively form a dense array of virtual detectors.


  • Transform a single element into a customizable detection array.
  • Optimal SNR and fast analysis time
  • Excellent imaging resolution.
  • Configurable – adjustable size, geometry, elements count and placement

Applications and Opportunities

  • Non-invasive imaging of disease
  • Hand-held OAT probes for 3D imaging with an image quality superior to current probes


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