Diamond film deposition on WC-Co



Chemistry and Materials

The Technology

Adhesion of diamond coatings to cutting tool substrates is an important property in machine tool applications. Strong bonding of the diamond to the substrate is required to overcome thermal expansion coefficient and composition mismatch to promote the coating endurance in the shearing forces and prevent its flaking. Chemical mismatch between the tool alloy and the diamond coating creates an interlayer that is both a weak adhesion layer by itself, and weakens the alloy.

CrN/Cr interlayer act as diffusion barrier and results in an enhancement of the adhesion of diamond films onto tungsten carbide alloy tool and in addition, bridge the thermal expansion coefficient mismatch.


  • Longer use life of CNC tools
  • Tool accuracy

Applications and Opportunities

  • CNC tools
  • Diamond coating for enhanced wear resistance of alloys
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