Minimized Ultrasound Detectors

Prof. Amir Rosenthal | Electrical and Computer Engineering


Medical Devices | Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

Ultrasound technology today is bulky and involves imaging probes with typical sizes of several centimeters. We have developed a new methodology for ultrasound imaging that can achieve extreme levels of miniaturization preserving high-resolution. This platform relies on optical technology for the generation and detection of ultrasound.

In particular, we utilize the advanced fabrication techniques from the world of silicon photonics to produce optical resonators whose resonance frequency is highly sensitive to acoustic pressures. By monitoring the resonance frequency, we detect the ultrasound signal.


  • High resolution: 10-100 µm
  • Small size: down to sub-millimeter
  • High sensitivity: orders of magnitude more sensitive than conventional ultrasound detectors of the same size
  • Immunity against electromagnetic interference
  • Signal generation and readout is performed via optical fibers
  • Mass-production of the sensing elements is possible via semiconductor fabs

Applications and Opportunities

  • New medical technology that combine optics and ultrasound to answer unmet clinical needs
  • In particular, miniaturized (millimeter and sub-millimeter) 3D ultrasound probes for surgical and minimally invasive applications (e.g. treating total chronic occlusion)
  • Can be used for imaging or measure various parameters (such as blood saturation)
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