Research Area / Fields

  1. Signal transduction and control of gene expression.
  2. Heart failure and cardiac remodeling
  3. Heart failure and cancer cross-talk

Short Bio

Ami Aronheim obtained his BSc in agriculture from the Hebrew University and MSc with Prof. JM Gershoni and and PhD with Prof. MD Walker at the Weizmann Institute of Science. He performed his post-doctoral studies with Prof. Michael Karin at the University of California San Diego. Ami Aronheim is a faculty member the B. Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion since 1996. Ami Aronheim is full professor since 2016.

The research in Aronheim’s lab is focused on two deadly disease cardiac hypertrophy and cancer. Studies in the lab identified the Jun Dimerization Protein 2 (JDP2) and the Activating Transcription Factor 3 (ATF3) as key players involved in cardiac remodeling. Mice harboring double deletion of these genes are resistant to pressure overload and hypertension. The role of these genes in tumor promotion was evaluated as well. Recent studies in the lab demonstrated that cardiac remodeling processes leading to heart failure promotes cancer progression and metastasis seeding. The mutual interaction between the heart and cancer and vice versa is currently studied.

Available Technologies for commercialization

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Dr. Gal Gur
Director of Business Development, Life Sciences