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Advanced, long term disinfectant polymers

Researcher: Dr. Shady Farah

Surfaces contaminated with viruses such as the Coronavirus may infect people touching them or facilitate their spreadability. On non-porous surfaces, the viable virus can be detected for days to weeks. Current small molecules-based disinfectants are effective in cleaning surfaces, but...
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Advanced, long term disinfectant polymers

Researcher: Dr. Shady Farah

Surfaces contaminated with viruses such as the Corona virus may infect people touching them. On non-porous surfaces, viable virus can be detected for days to weeks. Current disinfectant are effective in cleaning surfaces, but not keeping it disinfected. Self-disinfecting sprayable...
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Capture of Corona virus in shared spaces

Researcher: Prof. Ofer Manor

Filtration systems are using as open structure as possible to allow flow to be as free as possible. Sometimes, the openings are too wide for small particles including bio-based particles and other pollutants such as dust, particles originating from combustion...
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Protection from infection like a sun-screen from sun-damage

Researcher: Prof. Roee Amit

RNP granules are naturally occurring gel-like dense RNA-protein complexes. Here we devised a method to engineered synthetic RNP granules de novo which can be used for a variety of applications. The chief utility of the method is to place a...
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Superoleophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces

Researcher: Prof. Boaz Pokroy |Prof. Ester Segal

Employment of a bio-inspired approach in which one component will serve both as the roughness and the hydrophobic surface chemistry elements. Use of various fatty acids as a main component of a superhydrophobic coating for a wide range of substrates....
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Prof. Zaid Abassi


Research Interests: Mechanisms of sodium/water retention and cardiac hypertrophy in congestive heart failure. Involvement of the endothelin and nitric oxide systems in...

Prof. Dan Adam

Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests: Development of ultrasound image analysis methods for functional cardiac imaging. Development of learning and neural network systems for the classification...

Prof. Beni Cukurel

Aerospace Engineering

Research Interests: Basic and applied heat transfer. Micro gas turbine performance assessment and enhancement. Measurement technique development.

Prof. Yair Ein-Eli

Materials Science and Engineering

Research Interests: Advanced materials for portable power sources. Electrochemical behavior and electrodepositing of copper. Development of corrosion inhibitors. Electrochemical behavior of silicon.

Dr. Shady Farah

Chemical Engineering

Research Interests: Functional and medicinal polymers. Antimicrobial and antiviral polymers. Bioactive surfaces. Polymeric and crystalline systems for cancer-targeted delivery. Crystalline drug delivery...

Dr. Naama Geva Zatorsky


Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms of gut microbiota-host interactions. Spatial colonization and niche preferences of gut symbionts. The role of bacteriophage in the...

Prof. Hossam Haick

Chemical Engineering

Research Interests: Nano-array devices for screening. Diagnosis and monitoring of disease. Nanomaterial-based chemical (flexible) sensors. Electronic skin. Breath analysis. Volatile biomarkers. Cell-to-cell...

Prof. Ofer Manor

Chemical Engineering

Research Interests: Passive and active oil/water phase separation. Smart coatings of solids and liquids. Ion structures in the nanometer-thick electrical double layer...

Prof. Boaz Pokroy

Materials Science and Engineering

Research Interests: Biomineralization and mechanical properties of biomineralized tissue. Bioinspired crystal growth and synthesis of semiconductors via wet chemistry. Amorphous thin films...

Prof. Yoav Shechtman

Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests: Optical super-resolution microscopy – experimental methods and algorithms. Multicolor and three-dimensional nano-tracking. Optical design and analysis through machine learning. Fluorescence...

Prof. Ezri Tarazi

Architecture and Town Planning

Research Interests: Industrial design in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Design for the post-corona era. Digital design and manufacturing. Design...