Category: Security & Defense

Acoustic fiber sensors based on ultra-low noise opto-electronic oscillator

Researcher: Prof. Moshe Horowitz

Optical acoustic interferometric fiber sensors are based on measuring the phase change in an optical wave that propagates through a fiber due to a strain induced by the acoustic signal. This phase change is measured by using an optical interferometry...
Categories: Physics and Electro-Optics|Security & Defense

Adaptive cycle engine

Researcher: Prof. Beni Cukurel

As the operational envelope of unmanned air vehicles expands into the high sub-sonic and transonic speed range, the engine design process requires compromises in thrust, weight, fuel consumption, size, reliability, and manufacturing cost. Moreover, the engine requirements for multiple operating...
Categories: Automation, Mobility and Aerospace|Security & Defense

Additively manufactured turbine-based engines and ventilators

Researcher: Prof. Beni Cukurel

In the modern world, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) capture an ever-increasing part of our daily operations. This is especially true for small scale UAVs, which are commonly powered by micro-gas turbines. These micro jet engines have thrust rating below 1...
Categories: Automation, Mobility and Aerospace|Chemistry and Materials|Medical Devices|Security & Defense

Bioconvergency: Molecule data storage systems and methods

Researcher: Prof. Roee Amit

DNA, due to its remarkable data density and long-term stability, is an appealing potential candidate component of next generation data storage systems, most notably for long term archiving applications. Large scale, high throughput, DNA synthesis technology is needed. However, current...
Categories: Information and Computer Science|Security & Defense

Detection of molecules of interest

Researcher: Prof. Eyal Zussman

The present technology consists of compositions comprising electrospun nanofibers and colorimetric reactants, directed to detection of molecule of interest including but not limited to explosives. The colorimetric reactants provide a colorimetric change in response to exposure to a molecule of interest,...
Categories: Security & Defense

Gamma radiation detector

Researcher: Prof. Ehud Behar

Current gamma radiation detectors are large items. Detection of source direction is very inaccurate or requires long scanning process. Wise positioning of small and sensitive detectors allows quick detection of radiation source with high accuracy. Advantages Advantages Quick detection High...
Categories: Physics and Electro-Optics|Security & Defense

Improving clarity of images taken under turbid medium conditions

Researcher: Prof. Yoav Schechner

The present invention relates to systems and methods for photographing an in a scattering medium such as water, fog or biological tissues. A wide range of imaging domains exists in scattering media. Several studies improved visibility in such media under...
Categories: Automation, Mobility and Aerospace|Information and Computer Science|Physics and Electro-Optics|Security & Defense

Increasing efficiency of fans, turbines and rotating blades

Researcher: Prof. David Greenblatt

Adding steady or oscillatory perturbation near the leading edge of the blades - mechanical, electro-mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, plasma based, Lorentz force based, etc. or Gurney flaps to the trailing edge of fan blades increases air-flow, aerodynamic efficiency, power savings and...
Categories: Security & Defense|Sustainability and Energy

Online single and multi-agent decision making under uncertainty

Researcher: Prof. Vadim Indelman

Autonomous decision making under uncertainty is a fundamental problem in AI and robots, and is essential in numerous practical applications. Novel approaches are provided for decision making under uncertainty, for determining optimal actions online for single and multi agent systems...
Categories: Automation, Mobility and Aerospace|Security & Defense

Pulse tube sterling type cryogenic cooling

Researcher: Prof. Gershon Grossman

Refrigeration at temperatures around 80-150 K is required for infrared night-vision equipment with high resolution and fast response times. Compact, light-weight devices are necessary for many typical applications, such as for man-portable night-vision equipment, unattended aerial vehicles, and for use...
Categories: Security & Defense|Sustainability and Energy

Room temperature quantum detectors for microwave photons

Researcher: Prof. Aharon Blank

Quantum radar and quantum communication are new fields in which information is transmitted between two or more points by using single photons, referring to their quantum state (e.g., polarization, or phase) of each photon separately. In this way information can...
Categories: Information and Computer Science|Physics and Electro-Optics|Security & Defense

Sensors for shooting arms detection

Researcher: Prof. Yael Nemirovsky

Detection of hostile fire in real time in the field is a well-known problem. Modern low intensity conflicts and acts of terrorism are stressing the need for military and law enforcement agencies to locate sporadic sources of hostile fire. The...
Categories: Physics and Electro-Optics|Security & Defense

Shockwave protection layer

Researcher: Prof. Daniel (Dany) Rittel |Prof. Yoav Eichen

Abnormal inverse-freezing phenomena, in which fluids solidify upon heating. It was shown that upon impact, some of these inverse-freezing fluids undergo solidification by absorbing impact energy. This novel phase transformation, which occurs in timescales of microseconds, is in stark contrast...
Categories: Automation, Mobility and Aerospace|Chemistry and Materials|Security & Defense
Current technologies to detect the development of underground cavities such as sinkholes or cross border smuggling tunnels require complicated and expensive data acquisition techniques. Fiber optics buried at shallow depth enable continuous, distributed monitoring of soil deformations along tens of...
Categories: Physics and Electro-Optics|Security & Defense

Static tracking systems planning and design

Researcher: Prof. Leonid Mirkin

Stiff mechanical antenna structure large, heavy and expensive mechanical structure. Designing such structure with light materials makes structures that are prone to disturbances such are wind and are hard to control. Superior level of tracking performance and stability can be...
Categories: Information and Computer Science|Security & Defense

Transparent and lightweight ballistic protection

Researcher: Prof. Daniel (Dany) Rittel

Transparent armor is essentially based on the performance of the component materials, and their stacking. Beyond that point, it is commonly believed that little can be added to the system to improve its performance. High confinement pressure over the glass...
Categories: Chemistry and Materials|Security & Defense

Tuneable IR detectors based on integration of InAsSbN and InAsN active layers

Researcher: Prof. Gad Bahir

XBn and nBn detectors are based on InAs/AlAsSb/InAs and GaSb/AlAsSb/InAsSb respectively. A drastic reduction in band gap and ability to tune it is achieved by adding small, controlled amounts of nitrides. Nitrides are added to InAs to create InAsN and...
Categories: Physics and Electro-Optics|Security & Defense

Ultra micro gasturbines

Researcher: Prof. Beni Cukurel

Electronic military equipment weight as well as MAV flight time is highly dependent on achievable electric energy density. Therefore, the development of a 300W kerosene-driven Ultra Micro Gas Turbine (UMGT) prototype is proposed, which is foreseen to triple energy density...
Categories: Automation, Mobility and Aerospace|Security & Defense|Sustainability and Energy

Prof. Oded Amir

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Structural optimization. Topology optimization. Efficient computational procedures for topology optimization. Topology optimization for concrete structures. Topology optimization for additive manufacturing....

Prof. Gad Bahir

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests: Physics and technology of semiconductor based devices. Semiconductor IR detectors: narrow bandgap semiconductors, quantum well and quantum dots IR detectors....

Prof. Izhak Bucher

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: Vibration, dynamics of rotating machinery. Experimental identification and modeling of vibrating and rotating machines. Non-contacting measurements, signal processing. Shape optimization...

Prof. Jacob Cohen

Aerospace Engineering

Research Interests: Experimental, theoretical and numerical study of laminar-turbulent transition, study of the evolution and control of coherent structures in wall bounded...

Prof. Israel Cohen

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests: Statistical signal processing. Analysis and modeling of acoustic signals. Speech enhancement. Noise estimation. Microphone arrays. Source localization. Blind source separation....

Prof. Beni Cukurel

Aerospace Engineering

Research Interests: Basic and applied heat transfer. Micro gas turbine performance assessment and enhancement. Measurement technique development.

Prof. Nitai Drimer

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: Design in marine environment. Waves-structures interaction. Naval architecture. Offshore aquaculture engineering. Structural analysis.

Prof. David Elata

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: Modeling the static and dynamic response of electrostatic micro-actuators. Modeling and development of novel thermoelastic actuation schemes for mems devices....

Prof. Alon Gany

Aerospace Engineering

Research Interests: Aerospace propulsion (rockets, ramjets, scramjets). Marine jet propulsion (two-phase jet, water-breathing ram-rockets). Hydrogen and energy production (production on-demand, storage, electric...

Prof. Amir Gat

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: Theoretical research of low-Reynolds and free-surface flows. Interaction of fluid flows with deformation and motion of solid structures. Analysis and...

Prof. Boaz Golany

Industrial Engineering and Management

Research Interests: Operations management. Efficiency & effectiveness studies. Supply chain management. Plant layout & location. Project management.

Prof. David Greenblatt

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: Energy-related flow control applications, active separation control, dynamic stall control, wake and vortex management; high-lift and high-alpha aerodynamics. Turbo-machinery heat...

Prof. Gershon Grossman

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: Energy Conservation: waste heat utilization, industrial and residential heat pumps, absorption systems, chillers, heat pumps and heat transformers. Solar Energy:...

Prof. Moshe Guelman

Aerospace Engineering

Research Interests: Spacecraft dynamics and control. Astrodynamics. Trajectory optimization. Guidance systems. Space robotics. Optimal and adaptive control.

Dr. Ido Kaminer

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests: Radiation sources and X-ray. UV sources. Ultrafast detectors and scintillators. Light–matter interactions. Electron Microscopy. Quantum electrodynamics. Photonics. Cherenkov effect.

Prof. Wayne D. Kaplan

Materials Science and Engineering

Research Interests: Wetting and interfaces between metals and ceramics. Nanometer-thick equilibrium amorphous films. Metal reinforced ceramic matrix nanocomposites. Electron microscopy.

Prof. Ehud Keinan


Research Interests: Biocatalysis with antibodies and with synthetic enzymes. Organic synthesis. Organometallic chemistry. Molecular computing devices. Synthetic receptors and molecular machines. Drug...

Prof. Assaf Klar

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Tunneling induced soil displacements and their effect on buildings and buried structures. Strain measurements using optical fibers and their application...

Prof. Yakov Krasik


Research Interests: High energy density physics and warm dense matter. High power microwave generation. High power microwave pulse interaction with neutral gas...

Prof. Raphael Linker

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Sensing, and in particular mid-infrared spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging. Modeling, control and optimization of agricultural and environmental systems.

Prof. Leonid Mirkin

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: Sampled-data (hybrid continuous/discrete) systems. Time-delay systems. H2 and H∞ estimation and control. Robust control. Control of flexible structures. Oversampling methods...

Prof. Yael Nemirovsky

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests: With MEMS: Thermal TMOS IR uncooled Sensors; Thermal TeraMOS THz uncooled Sensors; Thermal GMOS Gas Sensors. W/O MEMS: CMOS SPAD...

Prof. Meir Orenstein

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests: Compound semiconductors. Fast and high power electronics. Fiber-optic communications. Micro-electronics. Nano-electronics. Opto-electronics.

Prof. Daniel (Dany) Rittel

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: Experimental mechanics. Fracture mechanics (static and dynamic, damage). Mechanical properties of materials. Mechanical metallurgy. Failure analysis of materials & mechanical...

Dr. Tamar Segal-Peretz

Chemical Engineering

Research Interests: Polymer self-assembly and nanostructures. Nanofabrication and 3D patterning. Optical coatings. Materials and processes for water technologies. Atomic layer deposition. Advanced...

Distinguished Prof. Mordechai (Moti) Segev


Research Interests: Photonics. Nonlinear Optics. Topological Photonic. Lasers and Topological Insulator Lasers. Quantum Optics. Photonic Time-Crystals. Anderson localization of light. Complex nonlinear...