Research Area / Fields

  1. Basic and applied heat transfer.
  2. Micro gas turbine performance assessment and enhancement.
  3. Measurement technique development.

Short Bio

Dr. Beni Cukurel is an Associate Professor at the Aerospace Engineering Faculty of Technion – IIT. He completed his B.S.M.E and M.S.M.E degrees at the School of Mechanical Engineering in Purdue University, and his Ph.D. at the Von Karaman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Rhode-St-Genese, Belgium. In 2012 he joined Technion and in 2017 he was nominated as the head of the L. Shirly Tark Turbomachinery & Jet Engine Research Laboratories, where he oversees a group of about 25 scholars and researchers.
His broad research interest is to enhance our understanding of complex aero-thermal physics in coupled flow solutions relevant to turbomachinery and high-speed propulsion. With a solid background in heat transfer, turbomachinery, and measurement technique development, he strives towards a deeper understanding and more precise characterization and modeling of the inherently unsteady and coupled solutions in various propulsion applications; such as aero-aero, aero-thermal, aero-acoustic, and aero-mechanical interactions.