Faculty:Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Area / Fields

  1. Aquatic chemistry and water treatment process development and applications.
  2. Reverse osmosis desalination.
  3. Removal of nitrogen species from drinking and agricultural waters.
  4. Aquacultural engineering and ocean resource recovery.

Short Bio

Prof. Ori Lahav (born 1963) is a Faculty member at the Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the head of the Environmental Engineering subdivision at GTIIT. Prof. Lahav specializes in Aquatic Chemistry and Water Treatment process development and applications. Prof. Lahav did all his three degrees at the Technion (1st degree in Agricultural Eng. in 1992, MSc in Environmental (Civil) Eng. in 1994 and PhD in Environmental Eng. in 1998) and returned to the Technion as a Faculty member in 2003 after a two-year post doc term at the University of Cape Town. His latest research interests are in reverse osmosis desalination, removal of nitrogen species from drinking and agricultural waters, aquacultural engineering and ocean resource recovery. Prof. Lahav serves as the head of the Environmental, water and agricultural division at the faculty of Civil and Env Eng. He was the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Guangdong Technion Israel of Technology for 3 years (2017-2020) and before that the head of the Grand Water Research Institute at the Technion (2015-2017). He has published around 115 papers in leading peer reviewed journals and won several prizes, including the 2010 France-Israel Foundation Award for Academic Excellence in the field of Water.