Faculty:Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Area / Fields

  1. Energy conversion.
  2. Power systems.
  3. Power electronics.

Short Bio

Assistant Professor Yoash Levron’s research focuses on energy conversion in two main fields, power electronics and power systems. In the field of power electronics he is exploring the conversion of energy through electric means, developing the next generation of efficient and small power conversion devices, with applications to renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and high power integrated circuits. In the domain of power systems and smart grids Levron aims to integrate the latest theories in applied mathematics, signal processing and computer science with power system research in order to improve the design and operation of power networks, enhancing their efficiency, security and reliability.

Levron is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering since August, 2014. Over the years he managed to integrate his academic studies with a 10-year army career. He won several awards for his research in the field of electric energy conversion including the prestigious Israel Security Prize and the Viterbi Fellowship for nurturing future faculty members. Levron’s research is multidisciplinary in nature, and he is collaborating with leading researchers and companies in Israel. He is currently building a lab called “The Power Electronics & Systems Laboratory” (the PESL lab) and has already started to build up a research team.

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Ofer Shneyour
Director of Business Development, ICT