Research Area / Fields

  1. Machine and deep learning.
  2. Big data.
  3. Cyber security.
  4. Parallel and distributed computing.

Short Bio

Professor Assaf Schuster has been a faculty member of the Technion Computer Science Department since 1991. He has been interested in various aspects of parallel and distributed computing, publishing more than 170 papers. His algorithms on data-race detection were implemented in Intel’s Thread Checker, and his patents on distributed shared memory were sold by the Technion. His papers triggered a rewrite of the Java Memory Model. He has built scalable production systems to handle petabytes of storage with off-the-shelf hardware. In recent years, his research group has focused on big data and scalable, real-time knowledge discovery in distributed data streams. From 2010, Prof. Schuster has also been working to establish TCE – the Technion Center for Computer Engineering, which he heads. TCE has grown to become a center of activity for about 60 faculty from the Technion and other universities in Israel and abroad, dozens of industry leaders, and hundreds of graduate students.