Faculty:Mechanical Engineering; Chemical Engineering

Research Area / Fields

  1. Electrochemical systems for energy and water applications.
  2. Capacitive water desalination.
  3. Flow batteries for large scale energy storage.
  4. Electroosmotic micropumps.
  5. Fluidic and species transport in porous electrode structures.
  6. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.
  7. Rapid prototyping of energy and water devices.

Short Bio

Matthew Suss is an Associate Professor in the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and is also affiliated with the Grand Technion Energy Program and Grand Water Research Institute. Prof. Suss leads the Cleantech Innovations Lab at Technion, which has 15 members dedicated to developing next-generation electrochemical systems for energy and water applications, such as flow batteries and capacitive deionization. The group has an in-lab rapid prototyping facility to quickly and effectively implement cutting edge ideas into proof-of-concept and scaled devices.

Professor Suss has published 50 research articles in peer reviewed journals and submitted over a dozen patent applications. He has been awarded the Strage-BGU prize for excellence in environmental science from Ben Gurion University, the Award for Research Cooporation and High Excellence in Sciences (ARCHES) from the German government, the Uzi and Michal Halevi award for Innovative Applied Engineering from Technion, and an Alon Fellowship from the Israel Council for Higher Education. He is a delegate member representing Israel in the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) Working Group of Electrochemical Engineering, a member of the Israel National Research Center for Electrochemical Propulsion, the former chair of the International Working Group of Capacitive Deionization & Electrosorption (CDI&E), and has served as guest editor for the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter and Electrochimica Acta.

Available Technologies for commercialization

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Shikma Litmanovitz
Director of Business Development, Physical Science