Construction of 3D Trusses via sphere packing

Prof. Gershon Elber | Computer Science


Information and Computer Science

The Technology

Truss lattices are common in a wide variety of engineering applications, due to their high ratio of strength versus relative density. They are used both as the interior support for other structures, and as structures on their own.

Using 3D sphere packing, we propose a set of methods for generating truss lattices that fill the interior of B-rep models, polygonal or (trimmed) NURBS based, of arbitrary shape. Once the packing of the spheres has been established, beams between the centers of adjacent spheres are constructed, as spline based B-rep geometry.


  • Fully automated method
  • Ability to construct a CAD representation of a truss structure that fills any given geometric shape
  • Allowing the user to control the properties of the resulting truss structure

Applications and Opportunities

  • Additive manufacturing companies and users
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Oz Mahlebani
Business Development Manager, Engineering