Acoustic energy conversion

Prof. Yehuda Agnon | Civil and Environmental Engineering
Prof. Carlos Dosoretz | Civil and Environmental Engineering
Prof. Guy Ramon | Civil and Environmental Engineering


Sustainability and Energy

The Technology

Thermoacoustic engines are an emerging technology which is based upon the self-sustained pressure oscillations within a gas – sound waves. The vessel is designed in a way to allow the gas to produce sound waves spontaneously. The energy source for driving these self-sustained oscillations is the pressure change of dry air, that can be caused from changes in temperature, concentration of solutions, or solar energy. The system doesn’t contain moving parts and is suitable to produce electricity or used as heat pump.


  • Cheap
  • Low maintenance – simple and reliable

 Applications and Opportunities

  • Energy production at distant hard to reach locations
  • Heat pumps and cooling systems
  • Green energy for producing mechanical power
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