All-angle electromagnetically transparent surfaces

Ariel Epstein | Electrical and Computer Engineering


Chemistry and Materials | Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

Reflection off antenna radomes may distort the radiation pattern and reduce gain or bandwidth. Optical refraction may deform wavefronts of light and produce aberrant images. Remarkably, both wave reflection and refraction are inherently spatially dispersive, namely, they depend on the angle (wave vector) of the incident wave. Omnidirectional (all-angle) transparency is often challenging to devise even with meta-materials and meta-surfaces. Generalized Huygens’ condition is used to design meta-surfaces that allow simple, efficient and reliable method to produce transparent radomes or optical elements. As the new structures are transparent, the spherical shapes used so far are no longer needed and simple, planar structures can be used to protect antenna and other radiation sources.


  •  Planar
  • Design per different needs – materials, frequency, acceptance angle, etc.
  • Simple manufacturing using known techniques

Applications and Opportunities

• Protective antenna radomes.

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