Amphiphilicpolymers encapsulating therapeutically active agents

Prof. Alejandro Sosnik | Materials Science and Engineering


Medical Devices | Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

The Technology

Polymeric micelles are a valuable nanotechnology for delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs. The present technology consists of a novel kind of polymeric micelle formed by the self-assembly of graft copolymers synthesized by the hydrophobization of synthetic, natural, or semi-synthetic multifunctional polymeric templates with hydrophobic blocks covalently bounded to its side backbone and the later stabilization of the micelle by the non-covalent crosslinking of the corona. These novel nanocarriers combine the advantages of the polymeric micelles in terms of drug encapsulation capacity with the higher physical stability of the nanogels that do not compromise the integrity of the encapsulated drug or the encapsulation capacity. The crosslinking will also lead to the formation of rate-controlling gel membrane on the surface that will control drug release kinetics.

The invention proposes a novel strategy for the physical stabilization of the micelle that does not compromise the encapsulated drug or reduce the encapsulation capacity and at the same time enable the control of the release kinetics.


  • Preserves the encapsulation capacity of the micellar core
  • Maintains the integrity of the encapsulated drug

Applications and Opportunities

  • Drug delivery by parenteral (e.g., intravenous, intramuscular) and non-parenteral (mucosal) administration routes
  • Sustained release of drugs by the oral, nasal, inhalation, topical, and ophthalmic routes
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