Beta Casein assemblies for mucosal delivery of therapeutic bioactive agents

Prof. Dganit Danino | Biotechnology and Food Engineering


Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

The Technology

The present invention relates to drug carrier compositions comprising β-casein micelle assemblies for drug delivery such as mucosal drug delivery. Beta-casein (β-CN), a major milk protein, which self-associates into small capsules (micelles) in aqueous solutions, solubilizes water-insoluble drugs. The nanoparticles (<300nm size distribution) have good drug retention and high stability (unlike the untreated drugs). The natural easily digestible structure of β-CN enables quick drug release within ~10 min gastric digestion. Cell culture study of the nano-encapsulated then released drug showed similar cytotoxicity to that of the free drug, while no cytotoxicity was observed for the predigested encapsulated drug –important for keeping the mouth and esophagus safe. Drug resistance was overcome with the combination of a drug and a suitable chemosensitizer.


  • Chemotherapeutics in oral delivery, at home instead of in a hospital
  • Protected delivery and target-activated release

Applications and opportunities

  • Oral drug delivery vehicle for gastric cancer chemotherapeutics
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