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The Technology

Now adays, multifunctional sensors are required in every sphere of life. In fact, sensors and detectors are becoming essential part from human physiological monitoring to Mars exploration. However, it is not always beneficial to use olfactory sensors in wearable devices due to issues with long term operation, reliability, reproducibility and the need to operate in bio-friendly environment. On the other hand, Gas Chromatography linked with Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) is proven to be useful to discriminate and detect complex chemical mixture. However, it is bulky (at the size of laundry machine) and demands extensive sample pre-preparation and trained people. Specially it is not suitable for onsite and in-situ sample analysis, nor it can be worn.
The current technology provides the smallest and tiniest multi-functional sensing device that is able to carry out similar performance to GC-MS, in the sense it can separate chemical compounds in a chemical mixture and to identify the chemical structure and concentration of each of them. The system, including the electronics, can be assembled on a credit-card-like device and can be attached to solid and flexible surface. It has the potential for provide a platform for networked sensing devices, so spatial detection and monitoring could achieved, for example, in smart cities, robotics, healthcare system, and more.


  • Enantiomer rich and racemic mixture evaluation
  • Small
  • Cheap
  • Easy to operate

Applications and Opportunities

  • Onsite VOC analyzing system for medical diagnosis, environmental monitoring, medicine and drug industry, cosmetic and deodorant industry, chemical and bio-synthesis process monitoring, chromatography pen for surgeons, on-site tissue analysis (cancer cell vs healthy cell), wearable healthcare monitoring, on-site viral detection from breath (specially in COVID 19 situation in cross border)
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