ClassifAI – Next-generation packet steering technology

Prof. Mark Silberstein | Electrical and Computer Engineering


Information and Computer Science

The Technology

Packet steering is a fundamental function in network devices such as SmartNICs, switches and routers. The number of steering rules is proportional to the number of users. But TECHNOLOGY LAGS BEHIND. The present packet steering technology powering network-packet-processors is incapable of sustaining the increase in both network speeds and steering rules!
Current potential solutions like “Throwing more hardware” are not feasible due to technology constraints. Thus, a new concept for packet-steering technology must be adopted.
ClassifAI IS THE SOLUTION. ClassifAI is a novel AI-based packet-steering technology fitted to next-gen cloud demands. ClassifAI can accommodate millions of steering rules, paving the way for the next 15 years of cloud data center expansion.


  • Scalability
  • Robustness
  • Future-proof technology
  • Team of Technion experts

Applications and Opportunities

  • The top novel technology was presented in the top-tier academic conferences SIGCOMM’20, NSDI’22, MICRO’23.
  • The innovative patent pending technology is open for cooperation with partners from the ultra-speed-network-steering arena, who want to revolutionize the future of network steering.
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Oz Mahlebani
Business Development Manager, Engineering