Crystals for compounds entrapment and slow release

Prof. Boaz Pokroy | Materials Science and Engineering


Chemistry and Materials | Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

The Technology

Drug delivery with slow release systems main limitation is control over the dissolution rate of the encapsulating material as well as leaching of the active material from the encapsulation.
Bio-inspired approach in which drugs are entrapped within a crystalline lattice host allows the drug to be well protected from the environment and by such to withstand harsh conditions. Once the host single crystal starts to dissolve the active material releases slowly and at a constant rate over long periods, longer than its conventional counterparts.
The host matrix can be created by crystallization from solution or by 3D printing which allows personalizing the matrix per patient in terms of active molecules and shape.


  • Long shelf life
  • No leaching of active material
  • Can be 3D printed

Applications and Opportunities

  • Drug delivery
  • Controlled and environment specific release of active materials
  • Drug delivery over very low pH (stomach)
  • Implants and scaffolds
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