Edible, eco-friendly films

Prof. Maya Davidovich-Pinhas | Biotechnology and Food Engineering


Chemistry and Materials | Food and Agriculture | Sustainability and Energy

The Technology

Plastics are known to be one of the most urgent problems in the world due to its increase use in different applications such as food, house holding, construction etc. Today some of the plastics can be recycled while some cannot. In addition, the increased use of plastics in everyday life magnified the need in recycling. Therefore, edible eco-friendly plastic material could be of major importance to achieve reduction of plastic use. Currently there are several suggested biodegradable materials with deficiencies, in either the material strength or rate of degradability. The limitations of the already known solutions are related to the product physiochemical properties such as barrier properties and stability as well as the material carbon footprint and its processing.

The current technology relates to edible, eco-friendly plastics, with variable properties that can be used in different applications.


  • Simple, utilizing commercially available materials
  • Good barrier properties (partially hydrophobic)

Applications and Opportunities

  • Food packaging
  • Plastic containers
  • Agricultural packaging
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