Conversion of carboxylic acids to organic halides



Chemistry and Materials

The Technology

Novel technology for the direct production of valuable organic compounds containing bromine, iodine and chlorine functions from widely available and inexpensive carboxylic acid precursors. The new method allows to prepare a wide scope of halides including aliphatic (primary, secondary and tertiary) and aromatic halides. Recycling of co-products to the starting brominating agents is also developed.


  • The method allows to prepare in a short way (less synthetic steps) a wide variety of active ingredients for drug synthesis and discovery, agrichemicals and functional materials.
  • Efficient, robust, economical, simple and general method
  • Inexpensive widely available carboxylic acids are used as starting materials
  • The process is selective installing a halogen at the desired position
  • The process is general – from commodities to tailor-made specialties
  • No use of heavy poisonous metals
  • One-step synthesis of special organic halides, which are hard to prepare by other methods

Applications and Opportunities

  • Main application is in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. In addition, can be used in the preparation of flame retardants, gasoline additives, dry cleaners, solvents, biocides (e.g., water disinfectants), bromo-butyl rubber and dyes.
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