Encapsulation of beta-casein assemblies for enrichment of foods, beverages and soft drinks

Prof. Dganit Danino | Biotechnology and Food Engineering


Chemistry and Materials | Food and Agriculture

The Technology

Solutions aimed at incorporating nutraceuticals and other additives in foods and beverages, particularly clear ones, at the nano-scale, are scarce. Incorporating additives into foods and beverages is still a major challenge in creating advanced functional foods. The challenges are especially great in acidic food products (pH around 2.0-4.2), and in nonfat and low fat foods. The main difficulties are encountered in dispersing, solubilizing, stabilizing and protecting the additives which are often sensitive bioactive compounds. Beta-casein micelles or self assemblies can be used as nano-encapsulators and delivery vehicles for hydrophobic additives. casein micelles have exceptional stability at a wide pH range including low pH and at a wide range of temperatures. In addition, casein nano-assemblies are small enough so as not to compromise the transparency of clear beverages and the appearance of foods which incorporate them. Thus, beta-casein assemblies provide vehicles for such challenging delivery tasks, as via transparent beverages and other foods and drinks, for example, clear, nonfat acid beverages and acidic-milk products.


  • Exceptional stability at a wide pH range and at a wide range of temperatures
  • Small size does not compromise transparency of clear beverages and appearance of foods

Applications and Opportunities

  • Incorporating nutraceuticals and other additives in foods and beverages
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