Hybrid polymer/lipid drug delivery system for treating oral cancers

Prof. Havazelet Bianco-Peled | Chemical Engineering
Prof. Avi Schroeder | Chemical Engineering


Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

The Technology

Diseases of the oral cavity, including gum disorders, tooth decay and loss, and oral cancers, affect half of the human population. Specifically, incidences of oral cancers have risen by 35% over the past decade, with limited treatment modalities. Administering anti-cancer agents in close proximity to the cancerous lesion has proven clinically effective when dealing with head and neck tumors.

The present patented invention is a drug delivery system tailored for the oral cavity intended to improve the clinical management of Oral Cancers. It consists of a hybrid system, composed of bio-adhesive polymeric matrixes that harbor drug-loaded lipid nanoparticles.


  • Allows for local treatment
  • Reduction of tumor size prior to surgery (or replacing surgery)

Applications and Opportunities

  • Local treatment for oral cancer (such as paste/cream)
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