Increasing efficiency of fans, turbines and rotating blades

Prof. David Greenblatt | Mechanical Engineering


Security & Defense | Sustainability and Energy

The Technology

Adding steady or oscillatory perturbation near the leading edge of the blades – mechanical, electro-mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, plasma based, Lorentz force based, etc. or Gurney flaps to the trailing edge of fan blades increases air-flow, aerodynamic efficiency, power savings and noise reduction while there is no need in major changes in manufacturing processes.


  • Increases air-flow
  • Increase aerodynamic efficiency
  • Power savings
  • Noise reduction
  • Decrease damaging oscillatory loads

Applications and Opportunities

  • Fans such as: computer cooling fans, personal upright and ceiling fans, refrigeration fans, air conditioning fans, automotive fans, ventilation and vacuuming
  • Wind turbines
  • Fluid based turbines
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