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The Technology

A channel distribution system has a channel carrying content, and an interactive receiver which receives content and provides to a user. The interactive receiver has an interface to allow the user to interact with the content. The channel also includes a broadcast label superimposed on the content which invites the user to interact with the content. The label includes an interactive link with a digital instruction containing handling information for the interactive receiver device. The handling information tells the interactive receiver how to handle a user interaction coinciding with the label.


  • Certain portions of the broadcast may be marked for navigation
  • A separate digital channel may be provided for link information which is separate from main and auxiliary content channels
  • Switching may be achieved in a variety of ways
  • There may also be fast – forward and fast – backwards modes that can be associated with any channel at any time
  • All standard controls are provided in standard form as well as by the other interaction methods
  • Delivery of Internet content may be achieved in a variety of waysDirecting the channel player to deliver educational material , content to and / or from a smart – phone located nearby or remotely, navigational device may be implemented on existing devices by adding application programs to smart phones

Applications and Opportunities

  • Can be implemented of an interactive channel broadcast system and a channel player
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