IR detectors using QDots



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The Technology

MWIR technology can be used for fluorescent marking of objects such as money bills, military equipment, landing strips etc. However, it is based on bulk toxic materials and the devices based on them are noisy and require harsh and hazardous conditions to manufacture.

InSb nano particles capable of emitting fluorescent light at a narrow and designed spectrum within the IR range (MWIR 1500-4000nm). They are non-toxic, have high optical absorbance, long decay time and can be made in standard lab conditions.

The InSb Nano particles can be incorporated in transparent matrices and applied as paint on the object to be marked.


  • Non toxic
  • High optical absorbance
  • Long decay time
  • Easy to prepare
  • Low cost
  • Easy application

 Applications and Opportunities

  • Marking of objects for long distance identification
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