Lightweight polymer foam

Prof. Yachin Cohen | Chemical Engineering


Automation, Mobility and Aerospace | Chemistry and Materials

The Technology

Lightweight avionic parts such as wings and even aircraft body as well as high specific strength parts for seacrafts, automotive, wind turbine and other parts with demanding mechanical requirements are usually made of a laminate of skin (which may be made of polymer impregnated into high strength fabric, metal sheet etc.) and a core made from honeycomb structure and / or light weight foam. Keeping strength of these parts while reducing weight is an on-going struggle. A solution may be incorporating microspheres in the core layer. This may reduce the weight of the core layer by 4.
Additional step of using CNT, graphene or other conductive material or nano particles as coating for the microsphere may give it additional properties.


  • Increased mechanical properties: flatwise strength, compression strength, shear strength, impact resistance
  • EMI Shielding
  • Thermal conductivity

Applications and Opportunities

  • Airspace
  • Navy
  • High speed ground transportation
  • Wind and gas turbine propellers
  • Blast resistance
  • Engineering structures
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