Metafoils – morphing airfoil skins

Prof. Amir Gat | Mechanical Engineering


Automation, Mobility and Aerospace

The Technology

In all conventional aircraft this change of shape is achieved by mechanical servo motors which provide angular or linear motion so as to tilt a rigid portion of the wing or lifting device. Aircraft manufacturers are attempted to develop planes and rockets which can morph continuously during flight, ability which could offer substantial drag reduction and superior aerodynamic performance.

Embedded Peeling Network (EPN), the technology of morphing wing system, provide significant and integral changes of the wing and has the potential of boosting current aircraft designs with improved fuel consumption and performance.


  • Aerodynamic drag reductions
  • Can reduce takeoff and landing distances and airport noise levels
  • The technology is skin based – the displacement mechanism is embedded within the shell of the airfoil
  • Does not require modification of wing cross-section structure
  • The technology is inherently three-dimensional

Applications and Opportunities

  • Potential to be implemented in large scale commercial aviation aircraft designs
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