Modulation techniques for optical and other networks

Prof. Moshe Nazarathy | Electrical and Computer Engineering


Information and Computer Science

The Technology

Cellular networks and fiber optic networks require higher data rates and improved latency. We offer technologies that include enhanced modulation schemes and their decoding techniques to facilitate the new requirements. For cellular CRAN application, to support high rates the technology is based on a self-coherent linear transparent concept: optical pilot plus info signal, using low-cost Si photonic interfaces – an innovative optical transmitter and receiver sub-systems design which enables linear optical transmission of baseband IQ and passband electrical signals with very high analog fidelity (low noise and low distortion).

For passive optical network, new modulation schemes include polarization data increase the effective data rates by introducing an additional degree of freedom.


  • Solution for time-critical data over optical network
  • Efficient implementation of CRAN radio interface

Applications and Opportunities

  • Cellular CRAN networks
  • Time-critical optical networking
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