Multispectral imaging device with no moving parts

Prof. Carmel Rotschild | Mechanical Engineering


Chemistry and Materials | Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

Multispectral and spectral imaging is used to collect spatially and spectrally resolved radiance information of a predefined region of space. Devices for imaging are built per specific application, resolution and wavelength requirements. Each image pixel contains spectroscopic data. All the existing systems are either expensive, slow or limited in field of view. Some allow using more than 2 wavelengths.

The present invention is a reliable and low-cost device for detecting, imaging and quantifying an airborne gas in a specific range of concentration and cloud size. The device uses no moving parts and has an optical system based on a bistatic electronically controlled notch absorber, absorbing in the same wavelength range as the gas to be detected. The device alternately images a field of view through a bistatic absorber in the notch and out of notch wavelength ranges, respectively.


  • Cost-effective
  • Fast imaging
  • Reliability due to no moving parts

 Applications and Opportunities

  • The system can be designed to observe different gases depending on the application: medical, military, air quality detection and others
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