Skin-like sensing platform

Prof. Hossam Haick | Chemical Engineering


Chemistry and Materials | Medical Devices

The Technology

Skin-like sensing platform for a full physical and chemical perception of the surrounding space – platform unit for detecting VOCs, temperature, pH, pressure and strain.

The patches are based on sensor technology and self-healing and self repair polymeric substrate, electrodes and transistors as well as the induced self-healing metallic nanoparticles capped with different organic ligands. Integrating damage detecting networks (DDNs) and a self-repair system that can synergistically and autonomically detect/sense and locate any damage, and then apply local heat for repair.

The sensors are stable under several times of cutting/healing demonstrated by measuring the electrical signal in response.

Patches design mimics the skin structure having self-cleaning protective layer, porous polymer protective layer and a hydrophobic layer. The ability to sense VOCs, temperature and pressure (touch) completes the design to be skin-like and adds the ability to monitor health status.

Ultra-thin and non-invasive wearable diagnostic patches to allow for continuous, real-time detection and monitoring of health status to aid health control. The patches use a novel smart hybrid sensor array to detect a set of physiological markers that are linked with stress states and disease specific bio-markers (such as COVID-19 and Tuberculosis) through human skin – VOCs, pressure pulses and temperature, along with monitoring of heart-beat and breath rate.


  • Sensors durability, reliability and longevity even under water – no need for sensor replacements
  • continuous, at home observation on medical condition – disease development as well as psychological condition
  • Patches inherently overcome known issues of skin-tone and motion-noise

Applications and Opportunities

  • Flexible/Stretchable Electronics
  • Printed Electronics
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Wearable Devices
  • Healthcare sensors
  • Soft robotics
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