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The Technology

Many system designs begin as ad hoc sketches on the back of a napkin. These crude diagrams attest to the value of diagramming as a design tool. A relatively simple diagram can depict important interactions and relationships between different system components. Oftentimes, however, a drawing may later appear confusing or ambiguous to its own author. This problem often stems from a lack of notational consistency in a diagram. Many different vendors offer design tools that ease construction of system diagrams. These tools provide a user interface that features a palette of Unified Modelling Language (UML) graphic symbols for placement on a diagram.

The technology features a computer-implemented method of modelling. The method includes receiving input specifying at least one graphic element of a model diagram. The diagram can include graphic elements representing a process and an object. Based on the received input, the method generates a textual description of the diagrammed model.


  • Object-Process Methodology enables a user to define processes and objects as independent entities
  • Independent representation of objects and processes reflects the thought process of many designers, and, thus, facilitates rapid model development
  • Even those initially unfamiliar with the Object-Process Methodology can quickly grasp components and behaviour represented by the model

Applications and Opportunities

  • Automatic code generation
  • System simulation
  • Language translation
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