Pancreatic extracellular matrix for diabetes cell-based therapy

Prof. Marcelle Machluf | Biotechnology and Food Engineering


Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

The Technology

Microencapsulation of cells for cell and drug delivery is one of the most important approaches for the continuous delivery of this therapeutics. This powerful technique allows controlled delivery of therapeutic products to specific physiological sites in order to restore lost function due to disease or degeneration. Bioencapsulation has provided a range of promising therapeutic treatments including treatments for disorders of the endocrine system (diabetes, hypoparathyroidism) and central nervous system (Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s), as well as conditions such as heart disease, and cancer.

Encapsulation of living cells in a protective, biocompatible and semi-permeable polymeric membrane has been proven to be an effective method for immune-protection of the cells. Mixing cells and polymer solutions in cell encapsulation process generally leads to a significant decrease in cell viability, because high shear stresses can disrupt cell-cell contacts. Furthermore, removing cells from their native environment disrupts and changes interactions between cells and macromolecules of the extracellular matrix (ECM) which significantly affect cells’ viability, proliferation and therapeutic protein secretion.

The new invention is based on Hydrogel-ECM-cell encapsulation which are prepared from desirable cells and native decellularized ECM.


  • Increase the capsules function as structural support for the cells, protecting the cells against external mechanical loading
  • Provides protective immunogenic environment to the living cellsTissue-specific
  • Regulate the cellular secretion level of therapeutic drugs

Applications and Opportunities

  • A tool for improving the delivery of therapeutic drug molecules from sensitive cells or cells which exhibit low viability and function
  • Protection of cells from external hostile environment or non-autologous cells/tissues
  • Specfic drugs idelivery in response to an external stimulus
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