Hydrogen and electric energy production on-demand

Prof. Alon Gany | Aerospace Engineering


Automation, Mobility and Aerospace | Sustainability and Energy

The Technology

Hydrogen storage and transportation is both in efficient and hazardous. Hydrogen production by reaction of water and chemically treated aluminum can be done on demand and on the location where the hydrogen will be used. Weight of hydrogen produced is 11% of weight of Al used for the reaction. The reaction doesn’t need energy and is exothermic. The basis of the invention is a novel, thermo chemical process for activation of powdered aluminum. Water needed for the reaction can be of low grade such as sea water or even wastewater.


  • High efficiency
  • Simple and safe
  • On-board hydrogen production for seacrafts – Only aluminum is stored
  • Compact hydrogen storage – used immediately after production
  • Waste Aluminum hydroxide can be reused by other industries

Applications and Opportunities

  • Marine propulsion
  • UAV
  • Spacecrafts
  • Stationary energy production units. Can be coupled with a sustainable electricity source for Al regeneration
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Ilia Baskin
Director of Business Development, Engineering